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Today's women want a new way to manage their wealth and they deserve to have it.  After all women are rising in the workforce and controlling more wealth than ever. 

Many women feel that the investment experience is complicated and challenging rather than empowering.

We know you're busy.  You have businesses to run, careers to manage, families to raise, errands to run... the list goes on and on.

​That's where we can help.  We not only help you invest confidently while making the process simple and easy, but we also help you prioritize your goals so you can live a rich and empowered life today, while making managing your finances simple.   

It's Your Time!  Find out how we can help.

Why does "financial empowerment" for women matter?

Atlantis Wealth was created to cater to the specific financial needs and challenges of women. Traditional financial institution were not.

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56% of Women Are Not Saving For Retirement

Over half of American women have yet to start saving for retirement. This lack of preparation can lead to a future filled with uncertainties and financial stress."

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Women Live Longer and Need More Retirement Savings

This means women need more retirement savings to cover living expenses, healthcare costs, and other unexpected costs that may arise during these additional years.

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Financial Stress Can Lead To Health Issues and Strained Relationships

The repercussions of financial stress extend beyond money. It can manifest as physical health problems such as insomnia and high blood pressure. Additionally, it can strain personal relationships, leading to issues like divorce and social isolation.

6 Challenges Women Face When It Comes To Financial Planning


Gaining Clarity on Life Values & Vision

Knowing what you want in life isn't always clear. It's like trying to find your way in a fog. But once you do, it's easier to line up your money with your values and goals.

That's when things start to click - a strategic approach to your finances can be that guiding light.


Balancing Personal Life, Business Life & Finances

Life feels like a constant juggling act. Family, work, money – it's all up in the air. The trick is keeping everything balanced. That's how you avoid burnout and keep moving forward - consider it a well-crafted strategy for managing all aspects of your life, including finances.


Understanding Complex Financial Jargon & Options

Finance often feels like a foreign language. It's easy to get lost in all the big words and fancy terms. But when you break it down, it's just about making smart choices with your money - a structured approach to understanding and managing your finances can help decode this language.



Overcoming Mindset & Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes, the biggest roadblocks are in our heads. Negative thoughts can hold us back. But when we bust through those mental walls, we can start thinking big about money and reaching our financial goals - a strategic approach to finance can help demolish these barriers.


Balancing Lifestyle & Investing
Fear & Uncertainty

Living for today or saving for tomorrow? It's a tough call. The sweet spot is finding a balance. That way, you can enjoy life now and still have a nest egg for the future - a strategic approach to finance can help strike this balance."

Money worries can be pretty scary. It's like walking in the dark. But when we build a safety net, we can face the future with confidence. No more worrying about what's around the next corner - think of a sound financial strategy as that safety net.

Money is for Women

3 Wild Truths and 2 Worn Out Fairy Tales

Discover the truths that break financial myths with our exclusive ebook, Money is for Women: 3 Wild Truths and 2 Worn-Out Fairy Tales. Designed for women this guide is your gateway to pursuing financial freedom. Learn how to confidently manage your finances, shedding the feeling of overwhelm by industry jargon. It's time to actively participate in financial conversations and move past the outdated belief that men are the primary financial decision-makers.


Our empowering ebook teaches you that managing money is a skill within your reach, blending your creativity with financial savvy. Take control of your finances and prioritize your future. Learn how to nurture your finances with strategies tailored to your wealth creation journey. It's never too late to take charge and write your own financial success story. This guide addresses common concerns and silent questions many women have about money:


  • Who can I trust to talk about money?

  • How can I achieve my current desires and save for the future?

  • Is it too late to learn about financial management?

  • Am I listened to in financial discussions?

  • Can I find a financial professional who truly understands me?

Our ebook not only understands these issues but provides practical advice and strategies. If you're ready to leave behind outdated myths and embrace your financial strength, click below and Download Your Free Copy today. Start your journey to a more confident and informed financial future. Money isn't just for men; Money is for Women, and it's your time to claim your place.

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