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We believe that planning ahead is the most important thing you can do to help prepare for your financial future.

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We often meet with prospective clients who have been divorced or widowed and are unaware of what they actually own, where it's located, or how to access it.


That's one of the reasons we offer our clients their own

Personal Financial Website, this is where you can organize your entire financial life... all in one place.



We also created our Peace of Mind Checklist to be a simple tool for helping you start organizing important financial documents. 

Once you have all of your documents we can help you get organized.

The one constant in life is change and change often make us feel out of control, and that can lead to stress.


In reaction to stress, it is not uncommon for women to cope by focusing on other people's needs, while ignoring their own.  Women are more likely to deal with stress by nurturing those around them and reaching out to others. The challenge with these coping mechanisms is the lack of focus on what you need.


From a financial perspective, the consequences can be significant.  Impulsive decisions— expensive vacations, gifting, or hastily buying or selling major assets like your business, home, or stock portfolio—can leave you with major regrets, tax liabilities, and a diminished net worth for years. Well-meaning friends and family may also confuse the situation by sharing conflicting advice.

With our guidance we can help you create balance and a plan for the next chapter.

Download Your Peace of Mind Checklist
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