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Creating Life By Design

Creating Life By Design

Your design starts with a vision and the right plan.

Who We Are

We work to develop long lasting relationships with our clients by creating a consistent and a quality experience.

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Who We Serve

We are experienced in helping women and retirees create strategies tailored to preserve their assets and provide for a proper legacy.

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Why We Do It

We are passionate about formulating strategies that help our clients align their vision, values and wealth.


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Every Plan Begins With Us Getting To Know
Your Vision, Dreams and Goals

We believe everyone has the opportunity to create increase in their life. However, many people fail to achieve their goals because they lack clarity about the life they want to live. Even if they have goals they haven’t taken the time to create a sound strategy for achieving them. Financial planning can be an emotional process and because of that we focus on more than just the technical aspects. Our utmost goal is to get to know you and your goals, so that we can work together to tailor a financial plan that matches your vision and that can grow throughout the many milestones of life.

Atlantis Wealth Management is an independent wealth management firm dedicated to helping clients create their life by design. We offer comprehensive wealth management and financial strategies that go beyond just the numbers. Our process begins by creating a solid foundation, coupled with unbiased advice, education and recommendations. We take pride in knowing we have helped professional women, women in transition, and retirees pursue their financial dreams.

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