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Our Services

Atlantis Wealth Management offers customized wealth management advice to professional women, women in transition and retirees.

We focus on clients whom we believe we can help make a lasting difference in realizing their goals. As a boutique firm, we maintain an exclusive clientele of high net worth individuals in order to provide high-level, personalized advisory service. Our team specializes in serving clients experiencing major life changes, such as women in transition, professional women and retirees. Whatever their particular needs, all of our clients share a common goal: to protect and grow their assets.

All Atlantis Wealth Management clients receive comprehensive wealth management services and portfolio advice driven by academic research and rigorously tested by experts. Since every client’s circumstances, goals, and challenges are unique, we base our advice on the particular needs of the individual, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach.

We take a holistic approach to managing your life and your wealth. By viewing your goals in tandem with your dreams, desires, and within the context of your means, we work with you every day to grow our understanding of your needs and to help ensure your financial wellness. Evaluating your current financial situation including the areas of cash flow, retirement, estate planning strategies, investment management, charitable giving and insurance and risk management we formulate a plan that fits today as well as tomorrow.

Wealth Management

We work together to design and implement a customized goal-driven investment approach based on your life goals and considering time frame and priority. We begin with the end in mind so you gain greater clarity of your overall financial picture. This gives our clients great satisfaction knowing that they are working towards achieving financial wellness.

Tax and Estate Planning Strategies

We work with your CPA and tax attorney or we will refer one of our partners to assist in identifying potential tax consequences, offering advice on minimizing taxes and working to implement the most beneficial options. We help guide individuals, corporations, limited liability companies, and tax-exempt entities in areas such as federal, state and local tax planning, employee benefit taxation, the tax aspects of profit.

Insurance and Risk Management

Risk management is often core to contingency planning. We can evaluate existing strategies, and when necessary, suggest products for life, disability income, long term care insurance, and other insurance needs.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is designed to help pay for the cost of your care in a variety of settings, including a nursing home, if you can no longer care for yourself independently. Long-term care policies vary widely in their coverage, limitations, and exclusions. Let us help you evaluate all of your options so that in the event you need care, you can have peace of mind that you will be cared for without the worry of spending your assets to cover the cost.