How Are Your Patterns & Beliefs Guiding Your Life?

At Atlantis Wealth we work to help ensure your financial plan takes into account your goals and dreams for your financial future. As science has shown us, part of the success of any plan relies on understanding our financial mindset: our unique personality and patterns of money-related decisions that can influence the way we spend, save, and invest.

Please take a moment to learn more about your unique money-related characteristics with the assessments below.  Each one will give you a different perspective on your financial mindset, from your general financial attitudes to your investing-related characteristics. After you take each test, you will receive a personalized report to help you understand your scores and how they might influence financial decisions.


If you chose  to work with us, we will dive even deeper through our advisement program.  Here you will work directly with a Certified Financial Planner® that will guide your through some of the critical results and discuss how you can enhance how you manage your financial life.

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What’s Your Behavioral Potential For Building Wealth?

Learn how your decisions and experiences can impact your chance of building wealth.


What’s Your Perspective On Budgeting, Investing, and Spending? 

Uncover how spending and shopping affect your ability to save and invest. This short assessment identifies patterns in shopping and consumer behaviors and provides feedback on how those behaviors might impact your overall financial goals.

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What's Your Career Fit?

Having a career that "fits" your interests and skills, and job satisfaction, typically relates to income, versus net worth.  See if your current career is congruent with your interests and skills.

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What's Your Plan For Your Financial Life?

Gain insight to your personal financial management behaviors including tracking expenses, setting goals, and monitoring household financial health. 

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